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Wedstrijd informatie en reglementen


Competition rules: General Rules 2019 (


The Netherlands:

Competition rules NBBF: NBBF-reglementen-1.pdf (

Website: IFBB Nederland


Competition schedule: Competitie - IFBB Nederland


Website: NPC News Online

Competition schedule: Contests | NPC News Online

Competition rules: Rules - NPC News Online


The Netherlands:


Competition schedule:
Competition rules: Reglementen (




Competition schedule: INBA NETHERLANDS - Wedstrijdagenda

What do you need to arrange for your NBBF/IFBB competition?

  • You need to purchase a "competition license" if you want to participate in any of the competitions, both national and international. A competition license is valid for one full calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st) and needs to be renewed annually.

  • You also need a "competition booklet" in which your information for each competition is recorded. This is a one-time purchase. You are required to bring this booklet to every competition you participate in.

  • Registration for the respective competition.

  • Participation fee per class you are entering (height class, age class if applicable, open class if applicable).

  • Potential coach ticket, for your coach or other backstage assistance.

  • Spray tan appointment, if you want to have it done at the competition, and glaze/muscle juice/show shine.

  • Make-up and hair artist, if you want to have it done at the competition. 

What to bring to your competition?

Download the free Show Day Packing List for women or men here

Are you finding it difficult to choose a federation that suits you? Listen to the podcast episode here!

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